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RETRO HOME: American Homelife in the Past and Present

Books. History. Homemaking.

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Name:Retro Home
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This is a blog where I talk about my current daily life at home and in my hometown, comparing it to American homelife during my childhood and college years (1963-1987) and during earlier eras. I also post reviews of books (nonfiction and fiction) that show the history of American everyday life at home.

I'm the only person who posts entries at this blog (which is why membership to this blog is closed), but I encourage everyone – American or not – to contribute comments about their own daily lives or about daily life in earlier eras. If you're a member of Dreamwidth or of any site that supports OpenID, such as Blogger, you can sign in through that site. Whether or not you do so, you can post comments here.

If you'd like to see more links and photos, visit Retro Home's Twitter account @retrohomelife.

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People and locations I mention at this blog:

Dusk Peterson. That's me. I'm a writer of historical speculative fiction (which I post about at my other blog), a researcher of American history, a mentor, and a homemaker. (This article by another author describes some of the reasons why I call myself a homemaker.) If you refer to me, my preferred pronouns are they/their/them.

My apprentice Joe, whom I mentor; he lives with me as a family member. He's a fabric artist, having learned fabric handwork from his mother and grandmother. Among many other occupations, his mother was a researcher for the homemaking column Hints from Heloise. At age six, Joe appeared with his mother on TV episodes about homemaking that his father created for the Armed Forces Network of Europe. Versatile man that he is, Joe also took shop class in high school and studied the history of science and mathematics in college. He's my encyclopedia of knowledge.

Our hometown of Havre de Grace, Maryland. Our city was founded in the eighteenth century and currently possesses 13,000 residents. Havre de Grace (named after the French port city of Le Havre) is located where the Susquehanna River meets the Chesapeake Bay, thirty miles northeast of Baltimore. Joe and I live in a loft apartment in downtown Havre de Grace. Also, history museums!

My former hometowns of Berrien Springs, Michigan, and Greenbelt, Maryland. Berrien Springs is a rural village; I lived there just after I was born in 1963 and from 1966 (age three) to 1971 (age eight). Greenbelt is a New Deal planned community in the suburbs of Washington, DC; I lived there, on and off, from 1971 (age eight) to 2014 (age fifty-one). From 1974 onwards, I lived in a house built in 1960; it still had most of its original fixtures when I moved out in 2014.

Older family members, especially my late mother, who was a full-time homemaker between 1961 and 1985. In later years, she worked at child care centers and was a very active community volunteer in Greenbelt.

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